• Moissanite vs Diamond

    Overall, Moissanite costs a small fraction of what a Diamond does. The main reason for this is supply and demand, as diamond engagement rings are still extremely common in the US. The price of a diamond varies depending on the carat, cut, clarity, and other unique qualities like the setting. The cost of a moissanite stone will often be the same or somewhat different depending on its size and shape.

Eve Avenue Moissanite Engagement ring

Moissanite Specification

Rings from Eve Avenue will pass a diamond test. Since diamond testers evaluate thermal conductivity, moissanite can be mistaken for a diamond because of how similarly moissanite and diamonds conduct heat. To learn more, visit the linked page.

Moissanite Specification
Eve Avenue Moissanite Engagement ring

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  • Sonia J

    I like the story of 3-stone ring,past--now-future,each stone has different meaning. So I choose this design,I like to enjoy the present time,and have hope for the future. This ring is very beautiful, so shinning. Like it!

  • Uma W

    Looks like real diamonds!!So sparkle!! I wear it with my eternity ring which i bought in this store as well.I will buy one more as a gift to my friend .I like it so much!!5 stars!!

  • Catherine S

    The Moissanite is soooo shinning!!! I love it so much!! I test the main stone with my diamond tester, it can pass.Even the small stones can pass the diamond tester,so I believe this seller is honest .It's my first time to buy goods in this store, and i will buy more more for my jewelry store. 5 stars!!

  • Catalina L

    So amazing!! The moissanite is very shiny!! and setting well, i check it with my diamond tester, can pass!! 5 stars!!

  • Margaret B

    very beautiful set i am happy with the purchase test moisanite ship fast thank you seller

  • Jenny W

    The seller is very patient ,she is so nice. I like this band ring, the moissanite is very shining and i can wear it with my engagement ring.

  • Emma H

    Very good. I like it simple n elegant. Thx. for the fast shipping, Beautiful quality and design. I love this jewellery and hope to eventually have one of everything!

  • Eliza R

    Yes. Just yes to this ring. All stones are beautiful moissanites, the price is right and it’s beautiful. Love the seller. Love the product.

  • Gemma S

    The ring is much more beautiful than the pic,and the stone can pass the diamond tester. The seller is very patient to give me some advice,she is so nice.

  • Anna K

    Beautiful. All stones test as moissanite.

  • Quintina S

    Thank you, Beautiful Ring looks gorgeous !

  • Phoebe Z

    I love it!! The Set is so beautiful!! The Moissanites looks live real diamonds, the silver is heavy and setting very well.Good quality!! 5 stars!!

  • Jess S

    Ring is very beautiful worth every penny so perfect and so beautiful! Thank you!

  • Kate H

    I Love it. I love it and it is perfectly certified the stone, I am very satisfied with the quality of the good

  • Margot M

    Yes. Just yes to this ring. All stones are beautiful moissanites, the price is right and it’s beautiful. Love the seller. Love the product.

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