Blood Diamond


Moissanite readily compares to diamond in terms of beauty and toughness, if not outperforms it. It is a stone that is genuinely ethical. Never mind the terrible environmental effects of mining or the social responsibility of sourcing. Additionally, while having all these advantages, moissanite is still far less expensive than diamonds, giving you exceptional quality for a much smaller investment.

For many years, the blood diamond industry's tragedies and human rights violations have been amply recorded. The list of reasons not to purchase earth-mined diamonds is extensive, and it can be difficult to confirm that the "conflict-free" diamonds you may be considering were actually obtained ethically. These reasons range from trafficking to exploitation and abuse. And despite all your worry and research, there's still the outrageous cost to take into account.

Many individuals choose moissanite because it is made in a lab, which is much more morally conscious. There is little environmental damage and little chance of sourcing a blood diamond by mistake because they don't require mining. Our moissanite gemstones receive the same meticulous care in the cutting and polishing process as any diamond. The moissanite gem will naturally have twice as much brilliance as a diamond, which is the only real distinction between the two. When it comes to gemstones, moissanite is an excellent alternative to diamonds because it is much less expensive.

Your engagement ring will serve as a representation of your future union. Why spend more to incur the risk of encouraging unethical, unsustainable mining methods when you can purchase a more stunning gem that is certain to last just as long for a fraction of the price?

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