The Following 7 Facts About Moissanite Engagement Rings

The Following 7 Facts About Moissanite Engagement Rings

You've dated this fantastic person, and now you're ready to ask them to marry you. Congratulations! Getting engaged is a conceptual basis, and of course, the moment wouldn't even be comprehensive without the perfect engagement ring.

However, it's possible that you looked up diamond pricing and were unimpressed. Maybe the violence in the diamond industry makes you uncomfortable. Or perhaps you don't want to adhere to the Hollywood tradition that says engagement rings must be made of diamonds.

Whatever your motivations, you should think about choosing a moissanite ring if you're searching for alternatives to a diamond engagement ring. The following list of seven facts about moissanite engagement rings explains why they are superior to diamonds in every way.

 Discovery Moissanite

Henry Moissan made the discovery of the gemstone moissanite in 1893. It literally hails from the heavens and was discovered next to a meteor crater. It is one of the most brilliant and uncommon gemstones to be found in nature.

Fortunately, the method of creating moissanite in a lab was mastered in the late 1990s. Modern moissanite is identical to moissanite that occurs naturally. Synthetic moissanite is made under the same circumstances as it would be in the stars, despite the fact that it is formed in a lab.


Very Durable

The durability of diamonds is one of its key draws as engagement rings. The hardest material known to man is a diamond, but moissanite is not far behind. In actuality, moissanite is backed by a lifetime warranty that has been acquired.

 A temperature of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit may be withstood by moissanite. It has been incorporated into armour that is resistant to grenades and more than 40 rounds of ammunition. Its life cycle is completed when it is employed in satellites.


Greater Brilliance and Fire

Additionally, diamonds are well-known for their brightness and the "fire" they appear to emit when put in direct sunlight. Diamond, meanwhile, is a complete wallflower when compared to moissanite. The most bright gemstone now on the market is moissanite.

On a "brilliance refractive indices," brilliance is rated in the gemstone industry (RI). Diamond typically has a fire dispersion of 0.044 and a RI of 2.42. A fire dispersion of 0.104 is typical for moissanite, which has a maximum RI rating of 2.69.

Less Expensive

There is no getting past the fact that diamonds are pricey. A one-carat diamond typically ranges in price from $3,000 to $26,000. The price can be too expensive for most individuals and is dependent on additional parameters including colour, cut, and clarity.

Moissanite may be the solution if you don't want to spend a fourth or greater of your annual pay on a ring. The price range for a comparable one-carat moissanite stone is $100 to $600. Consider using the additional thousands of dollars to pay for your vacation and your first home.

Ethically Produced

Unfortunately, there's more to purchasing a diamond than just the money. The diamond industry is one of the bloodiest in the world, dollar for dollar. Children toil in mines in an effort to find their family enough diamonds to eat, and the diamond trade contributes to the world's ferocious conflicts.

On the contrary hand, moissanite is manufactured responsibly and can be fully traced. Due to its lab-grown nature, moissanite does not use the same kind of forced labour as the diamond industry does, nor does it contribute to armed conflict. Additionally, it is totally eco-friendly.

Nearly as Hard as Diamond

In terms of hardness, moissanite is only surpassed by diamond, as we already stated. The Mohs scale is used in the gemstone business to assess hardness. Diamond sets the benchmark at 10 on this scale, which ranges from 1 to 10.

 However, in real actuality, moissanite is almost as hard as diamond. Mohs scale score for moissanite ranges from 9.25 to 9.5. Because of its remarkable resilience, your moissanite won't start to show signs of wear any time soon.


Lifetime Guarantee

Moissanite typically generally comes with a lifetime guarantee due to its durability. Even though it's unlikely, this applies to any scratches or other damage and is not limited to hardness. Additionally covered by that warranty are colour and any other flaws that might develop in your moissanite over time.

With time, some bigger moissanite stones have been observed to develop a hint of colour. Even the problematic stones are covered, and new lab-grown moissanite stones are being produced that do not have similar problems.


Picking Moissanite Engagement Rings

People who choose non-diamond engagement rings may face judgement for not choosing the "genuine thing." However, you may be sure that you aren't settling by wearing a moissanite engagement ring. For the rest of your life, your engagement ring will still be just as stunning as the day you got it.

Additionally, you can be confident that by selecting moissanite, your engagement ring will be more attractive. People will complement the ring's glitter and gorgeous hue without ever

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