About us

To discover unexpected wonders.

Eve Avenue was founded by Melvin when he started searching for a gift for his sweetheart Charlotte. He originally set his heart on a diamond ring but had a change of heart once he set his eyes on a Moissanite, he was drawn by the beauty and brilliance of the stone.

After purchasing the gift for Charlotte who fell in love with the ring and the continued compliments she received from family and friends, Jun was asked to purchase a ring for a friend so he could gift it as a birthday present to his mum for Mother’s Day.

Since then, Melvin decided to venture out and established Eve Avenue as he wanted to share the sparkle of Moissanites with the world, Melvin has over 22 years in customer service across different industries so is well equipped to understanding customer needs.

Jun worked directly with the factory to make sure all stones are check before sent to a customers round the world.